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Motodrone 2011

Motodrone Village im CCCamp 2011: Die ersten Fotos sind da!

Bitte schickt alle Eure Pics / Movies an — ich pflege gerne alles ein 😉
Viele Grüße und danke für ein sensationelles Camp Wochenende.
LaLa (für das motodrone Team)

Fotos von Tahnee:


Folgendes habe ich schon gefunden..

Fotos / Airpics by Jamiro
oreilly Blog / Random Camp Pics by Oreilly


Spiegel TV Wissenschaft: motodrone 2011, Mitglieder und andere autonome Flugobjekte
Spiegel Online: motodrone 2011 – „Drohnen-Bastler“
Larissa für Ein Besuch auf der motodrone / CCcamp 11 /Chaos Communication Camp 2011 – NG-UAVP from above  by garfiled4411 cccamp 2011 quadcopter flyby – onboard video by n0p cccamp 2011 quadcopter flyby 2- onboard video by n0p

Einige Teams & Projekte die 2011 dabei waren.. A lot of different gadgets, like the xbeat robots and funny LED light installations is what we do (Hoppel/KeyOz)

Dragoncopter A quadrocopter hardware project, which will be present with two different designs (centralised CPLD based and distributed approach) (Helge)

Mikrokopter Another famous quadrocopter project with extensive hardware available – some mikrokopter based quadrocopters should also be around (external)

OpenPilot An Open Source autopilot platform for small UAVs. OpenPilot is a non-profit project that aims to make UAV technology more affordable for research purposes and humanitarian causes whilst having a lot of fun in the process.

Paparazzi A free and open-source hardware and software UAV project that has been around for quite a while already // with a quadshot (mix beween a flying wing and a quadrocopter Prototype..

UAVP-NG“ – The Next Generation Multicopter is a non-commercial, non-profit Open Source community project under GPLv3. It runs the NG Operating System, a very flexible multicopter framework using cooperative multitasking, user, kernel and irq mode, hardware abstraction layers and a sophisticated behavior system.“


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