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Motodrone e.V.

The motodrone e.V. was founded to push and enhance the developments of autonomous flying.Our asociation checks the pros and cons of flight robots and shares its knowledge woth the general public. our members meet regularly and we organise events to compare and share ideas and thereby support the development of flight robots.

The challenge aims at using the elaborated cognition as a basis for further developments. You invested a whole lot of time, energy and passion in your codes and we want to value your efforts. The codes are neither going to be published in the web nor will they be given to anyone interested. That software is being stolen is not a sufficient argument to create and hoard secret knowledge.

The consequently wary attitude in the programmer’s szene makes it easy to think that the motodrone is organised in order to easily access free specific knowledge so as to use it commercially. This is the exact problem with prejudice, meaning the accused is not approached. Rumours and general reproach lead to a deeper closing. Of course we do see the misunderstanding which is due to unclear communication and we would be glad if you wanted to ask your questions and speak you minds!

The hobby aviator is not interested in the commercial use of his flight robot and will not use it for military ends. The drones used in war and crisis zones have nothing in common with the flight robots which are mainly build in long and copius work. The latter will be optimised for so long by the programmers that the initial goal of flying is long outworn. Anybody can purchase an autonomous flying robot and here lies the fundamental difference drawing the outline to surveillance delusion.

Being able to do something never means that you actually have to do it!

By the perception of flight robots as a chance further developments are enabled. These will improve the autonomy and reactivity of the robots even when their camera objectives and sensors capture people given that the latter don’t see them as a threat but a chance or even rescue.

Who wants to stalk through flooded areas looking for victims if these tasks can be carried out much quicker, cheaper and more effectively by flight robots? Fires can be detected via heat sensors or image recognition. Marine mammals, rare or menaced species can be monitored without costly, long or loud ground movements. High-voltage lines can be serviced, infrastructural bottlenecks will be a thing of the past when UAVs will be able to analyse the traffic and switch the lights autonomic.

Read our charter: Motodrone e.V. charter (sorry it’s german..)
Or become one of us and join the association: Application form
Of course an association and such an event can survive without strong parnters and sponsors. These days are especially hard on us and we are very thankfull for every helpfull hand.
Information for sponsors are to be found here.
Whoever wants to supports us on a private basis may use Paypal:

Who is Who
(just to show who is in the boat and why..)

Steini (technical matters, challenge design, jury)
is a funding member and always has one hand on his keyboard. He is undividably linked to stunning and pioneering developments.

Hoppel (leader workshop)
Since the beginning of the Mikrokopter projekts I am a quadrocopter pilot. Among other I organised workshops during Chaos Camp 2007 and Chaos Congress 09. I thus had to come across the motodrone. It is very fascinationg how this technique develops and will be a part of it.

Björn (treasurer)
I am responsible for all matters regarding procedures, safety and finance.

Rebecca (sponsors, press)
I hold the organising part in the Motodrone e.V., starting with the lectures, participants, the organisation onsite as well as the search for sposors and strong partners. Not being a programmer myself getting to know and appreciate the aviators and tinkerers was easy and after a short period of gross motor skills I really enjoy myself now. Vindicating goals and wishes against prejudice and making complex information understandable to everybody is the most demanding part of my work. I am looking forward to see things and thoughts change through our endeavour!

Christiane (food & beverage)
I am 28, living in Berlin and studying computer engineering at the Technische Universität. For more than only this reason I am intersted in flight robots and their civil use. A gathering like the motodrone seem fascinating and necessary to ne so as to exchange technological possibilities and thereby conserve the open source caracter as well as informing on military, civil and consequences that are relevant for research – this can be fun too!!!

Lala (Organisation)
…saw her first quadrocopter during the Chaos Communication Camp 2007: love at first sight. There’s a snag: two left hands (tinkering and flying seems impossible). My heart beats for cool things such as the follow me chip and I have enjoy the developments in the area of autonomous flying. Little interface to politics make clear that it is getting more and more important to bundle knowhow and to cooperate with regulation administrations. According to me there is not other way to come up with a sensible law, which is not written by theoretician.


Technical questions: steini[at]
Awards & finance: bjoern[at]
Sponsors & participants: rebecca[at]

In case the are things you would rather discuss on the phone, let us know and we will call you back as soon as possible.


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