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motodrone Challenge

The next motodrone will take place in 2013!

Motodrone is *the* international event where researchers and hackers interested in autonomous flight meet. It’s now running in its 4th year.
It’s a place for discussion, showing your latest technology, presentations on various topics, and a competition.

Whether you are one of the leading experts in the field, or are simply looking for peers to discuss your hobby, we would be really happy to have you and your group join us in Berlin in August. For participants and motodrone memebers we can offer tickets, pre-arranged tents in the airport area, and a lot of fun! In case you would like to take part, please let us know as soon as possible how many of your group want to participate and whether you need any help in arranging the travel and transport of hardware.

The competition will be an autonomous flight challenge with varying degrees of difficulty and autonomy. The exact details will be announced on the first day of motodrone, and you have 3 full days for preparing your copters for the challenge. There will be a special training arena setup and space to set up your computers and hardware. And now the best part: There is a price money of 10,000€ for the winner!

So, – you are cordially invited to participate in the convention and to share your knowledge and thoughts by giving a lecture – and not at least by simply joining one of the discussions… Motodrone 2013 will be a place to freely share your knowledge, meet the best there is in open-source development of robotics and autonomous flying objects, and have fun together. All your comments and ideas are highly welcome!
If you want to join us, email

Looking forward to a great competition,
your motodrone team

— History lessons —

The original motodrone challenge..

The participation in given to all teams. The challenge is divided in different missions where the obtained points are added. A decider wil depart a possible tie.

The following aspects are essential:

  1. Stable hovering in changing wind conditions
  2. Stable flight between numbereb way points
  3. Capture and focus objects with a camera
  4. Stabilising the flight and pull out of a dive after an unexpected free fall
  5. Automatic precise starting and landing

The complete challenge incl. conditions of participation and rules can be downloaded in German or English (PDF): Deutsch or English

Technical questions?
How, when and where is not sufficiently expounded? Mail your questions to: steini[at]


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